June – August 

Condensed two week sessions | 8 Lessons over 2 weeks | Mon-Thur  

@ Doubletree Only

Amazing swim lessons delivered with result-driven consistency.

Each session has 8 lessons, Monday through Thursday, over a two week span



Tiny Tots, Splash, Level 1, 2 & 3  

Half Hour Lessons: $185/session


Level 3/4/5

Full hour lessons: $275/session


Session 1 JUNE 17-27

Session 2 JULY 8-18

Session 3 JULY 22-AUG 1

Session 4 AUG 5-15

Session 5 AUG 19-29




Adult Beginner 

Half Hour Lessons: $185/session


JUNE 17-27 | 4:30-5:00pm

JULY 22-AUG 1 | 4:30-5:00pm

New swimmers are welcome!

Before registering for swim lessons at Charles River Aquatics, you should understand the evaluation process and our factors to determine swim level placement.

ADULTS: Please read our Adult Level Descriptions and determine where you fit best. You will be evaluated at your first lesson and will begin working on appropriate skills for your level.

CHILDREN: Our Children Level Descriptions help explain what skills are taught in each level, and what skills need to be accomplished to move to the next level. When considering the appropriate level for your child, please read the following requirements.

CRA levels are unique

We highly recommend the following placement into our program for newcomers:

6 months to 3 yrs old: Please place in Tiny Tots

Age 3: Please place in Splash Class

Age 4 and 5: Charles River Aquatics has done extensive research on 4 and 5-year-old children that were new to our program. All 4-year-olds and 95% of 5-year-olds who are with us the first time have been evaluated as Level 1 swimmers. Therefore, if you are new and your child is ages 4-5, we recommend that you sign your child up as a Level 1 swimmer.

Age 6 and above: Evaluations are mandatory for new swimmers thought to be in level 2 or higher.

If you have looked over our Level Descriptions and believe your child is Level 2 or higher, you will need an evaluation prior to registration.

Please schedule an evaluation by emailing