Lap and Warm Pool Open Swim at BSI Wellesley

Drop-in for lap swimming in the cool (81 degrees) fast water of the competition pool.

For a warmer water option (88 degrees), join us for open time in our smaller warm pool.

Great for your personal exercise routine or simply socializing with friends.


pay at the door | cash or credit

$10/ swim

$5/ senior rate age 65+ 

$100/ 11 swims for the price of 10!

$50/ senior discount age 65+ 11 swims for the price of 10! 


  • lap swimming for teens and adults

  • lap swimmers will share lanes and circle swim

  • other exercise routines are permitted in a single lane or in small warm pool without disrupting others.

  • warm pool open times also welcome toddlers and caregivers with exclusive Toddler Time Tuesdays 10-noon.

  • please be respectful of fellow users when sharing the small pool for varied activities.


Schedule subject to change – please check calendars below regularly