Instructional Policies

When enrolling children in swim lessons, please sign up for the appropriate level for your son/daughter based on the following skill level description:  Skill Level description.

We limit our Levels 1 – 4 to children under 13 years old age, because children ages 13 and over require different teaching techniques. Children over 13 are encouraged to register for Adult Lessons.

Tiny Tots
Tiny Tots program for children 6 months to 3 1/2 years of age (this class requires an adult in the pool with the child).
Splash class is for children 3 and up.  Children in Splash do not have a guardian with them and go with the instructor. If your 3 year old requires being carried to poolside, does not want you to leave the deck, is not toilet trained or will not put his or her face in the water, please wait another few months before enrolling.
Levels 2-7
Swimmers wishing to enroll in these Levels will need an in-pool evaluation. New students signing up for an incorrect level will be moved to a lower level if space allows. If there is no space, a refund minus $50 will be charged.

In order to schedule an evaluation, please send an email: Provide your name, swimmer’s name and a phone #. Email responses to schedule an evaluation are sent Monday-Friday. The office is closed on the weekend.

We want your child to gain the full benefits of our program. Every child is different and development may be varied. We respect these differences and encourage children to progress at their own rate, as some are more aware kinesthetically in the pool than others.

Therefore, please do not push your child or compare him/her to other children as it is common for swimmers to repeat the same level many times until a skill set is achieved. We want to foster a love of swimming and once your child masters the skills performed in the current class, then s/he will move to the next level.

Hands On Teaching
In order to properly teach swim lessons, CRA instructors will: manipulate children’s arms and legs in and out of the water, turn children’s heads for side-breathing, support children’s bodies for floats (both on their stomach and their back), help young children exit the pool, guide children into the water for diving, assist anyone afraid to dive into the water, and flip children’s legs over their heads for somersaults.
Preparing For Class
Because of limited space in the pool, children are only allowed on pool deck 5 minutes before class starts. If you come early, please remain in the locker room, the observation room, or in the hallway.
Equipment and Closing
Goggles are required for children in Levels 1-7. (We do not require goggles for Splash Class, although it’s a good idea for the children to wear them. When a child’s eyes are protected, he/she is more willing to put his face/eyes into the water.) You can buy goggles at any sports store. We also sell goggles for $5.00 at the pool. We do not loan goggles, as this could lead to eye infections.

  • We do not provide towels.
  • One piece bathing suits are advised for girls.
  • Please avoid excessively long shorts for boys, as they create drag and hamper the child’s ability to swim correctly.
  • Hair should be tied back or a lycra, silicon or latex cap should be worn.
  • Swimmers in Level 4 and above are not allowed to wear swim shirts. These limit arm movement and cause excessive drag.
  • Swimmers in Levels 4/5/6/7 must wear a swim cap unless they have hair above their ears.
Class Sizes
There are only four swimmers allowed in Splash Class and Level 1, five swimmers in Levels 2 through 4.

L5/6 will allow six swimmers and L7 will allow 7 swimmers.

We will not break this rule, as this is one reason why CRA is able to teach lessons so effectively.

Time Out Policy
Charles River Aquatics is committed to fostering a learning environment during our swim lessons. Children who are disruptive to the learning process by:

  • putting their head underwater while the instructor is giving directions,
  • swimming off the table or away from the wall without permission,
  • talking while the instructor is talking, -refusing to follow directions,
  • displaying unsafe behavior in the pool, on pool deck, or in the locker room,
  • or hitting, pushing, kicking, or spitting on other children or the instructor,

will be given a warning, to remind them about the rules and the consequence for breaking them. If the swimmer is disruptive again, he/she will be given a timeout.

Timeouts are supervised and handled by trained deck staff, where a conversation occurs about why the swimmer committed the infraction, why the infraction is unsafe, and what the swimmer can do differently next time. Our goal is to identify clear expectations of appropriate behavior and why safety, sportsmanship, fair play and respect are important values we should project in our actions.

Any swimmer who receives 3 timeouts in one lesson will be sent home early.

Because half hour swim lessons are very tiring, children ages 3-6 years old are not allowed to enroll in more than one lesson/day. No child, regardless of age, is allowed to take more than an hour of lessons/day. This applies to children in L4/L5/L6/L7. However, children in any level may enroll in more than one lesson/week.