CRA strongly suggests that parents let us know about any medical issues (cognitive, sensory, etc.) their child may have. These issues can be addressed in the comment section of the online application. Any parent wishing to discuss medical concerns, please feel free to contact Customer Service at 617-939-8078. All information is confidential and not shared with anyone other than pertinent Charles River Aquatics’ employees.

Important medical information about your child will help us make the camping experience more enjoyable for him/her, while allowing us to provide a safe environment for all campers as well as CRA staff.

Physical and Immunization Record:

No child is allowed to attend Charles River Aquatics’ Camp until we receive an official copy of your child’s immunization record and a physical, given after 9/2/16, and signed by your physician, allowing the child to participate in camp.
You may send the forms to us by Fax, at 617-207-4340, by e-mail to our Medical Records Coordinator, or by regular mail to CRA, PO Box 26, Belmont, MA 02478. You may also UPLOAD your form when your register online.
We will e-mail you a confirmation once we receive the immunization record and the physical.

Authorization to Administer Prescription Medication

If prescription medication is to be administered, a signed and dated letter from the prescribing doctor, or a copy of the prescription, plus this Authorization to Administer Prescription Medication form must be received by Charles River Aquatics at least two weeks before camp starts. Charles River Aquatics must get approval from its consulting physician before medication can be administered. Without this approval, medication will not be administered by CRA staff.

Epi-Pens and Inhalers

Important: CRA does NOT require parents/doctors to fill out the Authorization to Administer Prescription Medication Form for EPI Pens and Inhalers.

However, parents, please be advised that: Children who come to CRA Summer Camp with EPI Pens cannot consume food (snacks, such as granola bars) that “may contain traces of” or “is processed in a facility that handles” that allergen, even if they eat this particular food item at home.We follow the Board of Health rules very seriously, as we want to keep all our children safe from harm.