We present a lot of information about our program on our website, and it may be difficult for you, as a newcomer to Charles River Aquatics, to fully understand the essentials of our program in a short visit.

Main points about our program you should be aware of:

Charles River Aquatics rents the pool and the supporting facilities we use from Boston University. For that reason, Charles River Aquatics is unable to offer a Family Locker Room. If you require this, please do not sign up for lessons, as we are unable to accommodate you.

Charles River Aquatics offers a very disciplined approach to teaching correct swimming technique.

While we try very hard to make the classes enjoyable for our students (and parents), our program is not “play time”. We expect children in Level 1 and above to go to the mats and listen to the deck staff. When their name is called, we want them to walk with their instructors to the pool. If children are nervous or afraid, we try to work with them to overcome their fears, but in fairness to other students in the class, our instructors cannot spend more than five minutes coaxing reluctant or crying students into the water. Also, since crying on pool deck can be very disruptive, we ask parents to take their children to the locker room at the end of the five minute period. The child is welcome to return the following week. If this is not acceptable, there will be a full refund.

Our class level progression builds on skills developed in each level. Skills taught in Level 1 must be mastered before a move to Level 2 is possible, and so on through Level 7. Children coming to us from other programs may have mastered some of the skills of one of our higher levels (for example-Level 3), but if they have not mastered the critical ones that we teach in a lower level (such as rotary breathing in Level 2, or straight leg kick in Level 1), they must be registered for the lower level. Our Level designations are unique and do not compare with level designations of other programs.

Our Level designations are unique and do not compare with level designations of other programs. (See our LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS here). To avoid registering for a wrong level, we do offer a five-minute in pool evaluation. This evaluation is a must for swimmers considering Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

If you placed your child in the wrong level because you didn’t request an evaluation, and there is no room in the appropriate class for your child, we will withdraw your child and you will receive a credit in your CRA account minus $50. Please remember, evaluations are free and easy.

Our normal classes run from Level 1 through Level 7 for children 4 and over. We do offer Splash classes for 3-year-olds. Splash class is similar to Level 1 in what is taught but structured to the maturity level of the normal 3-year-old.

Our Fall/Winter/Spring classes normally work on a 7-week cycle, with one class per week (the same day and time) for 7 weeks. Some parents have found that registering a swimmer for two classes per week speeds skill development.

Our Summer classes work on a different cycle. 8 classes are offered over two weeks (at the same time each day), usually Monday through Thursday of each week.

We offer Private lessons on Saturdays and Sundays during the Fall/Winter/Spring in line with our class schedule: 1 lesson per week for 7 weeks. No private lessons are offered in the Summer. (Check our our Private Series).

Registration is first come/first served.

Registration for classes and private lessons is available online and usually opens about 4 weeks prior to the start of a session. Just follow the registration links from our home page.

We do have some strict Administrative Policies concerning behavior in class, and Policies concerning class cancellation and changes that you should be aware of before you register.