Adult Small Group Coaching

This program is for adults who can swim but want to work on their technique and get tips from coaches. 

Our Competition Pool option is for adults looking for space to cover lots of yards in our 80 degree competition pool.

Our Teaching Pool option is for adults looking for less yardage in our 88 degree, 4′ deep smaller pool.

Please note: instructors will be on deck with masks during this program


Now – June 25, 2021

Mondays 10:45am-11:45am
(blackout dates 4/19 and 5/31)
Competition Pool


Tuesdays 11:00am-12:00pm
(blackout date 4/20)
Teaching Pool

(4 students maximum)



Fridays July 2 through Aug 20


Competition Pool

(6 students maximum)

$350 for 8 full hour lessons

With an emphasis on both water safety and stroke development,
CRA has a comprehensive approach to developing proper technique.

Distinctive in its approach to instruction, teaching emphasis at CRA is on proper technique as a solid foundation.  This reduces the risk of injury and develops stronger, safer swimmers.

Specific skills define each instructional level in CRA’s unique approach.  In this cumulative curriculum, instructors focus on achievement of these milestones in the development of technique for advancement. Our on-deck coaching support, small class sizes, and detailed progress notes on each swimmer ensure an individualized experience with proven results

CRA’s teaching environment fosters individual growth and achievement, motivating students to strive for excellence, while emphasizing cooperation and sportsmanship, educating not just the swimmer, but the whole person.