Children’s Group Lessons

With an emphasis on both water safety and stroke development,
CRA has a comprehensive approach to developing proper technique.


Distinctive in its approach to instruction, teaching emphasis at CRA is on proper technique as a solid foundation.  This reduces the risk of injury and develops stronger, safer swimmers.

Specific skills define each instructional level in CRA’s unique approach.  In this cumulative curriculum, instructors focus on achievement of these milestones in the development of technique for advancement. Our on-deck coaching support, small class sizes, and detailed progress notes on each swimmer ensure an individualized experience with proven results

CRA’s teaching environment fosters individual growth and achievement, motivating students to strive for excellence, while emphasizing cooperation and sportsmanship, educating not just the swimmer, but the whole person. 


MON Sep 14 – FRI May 28


  • Boston Sports Institute
    900 Worcester St, Wellesley



  • All Lessons are 30 minutes
  • All Lessons will be taught in the smaller warm pool
  • All instructors will teach from deck
  • Two groups of 5 swimmers maximum for each 30 minute session will be in the pool
  • Each group of 5 will include multiple levels of skilled swimmers although each swimmer works individually on their specific skills when swimming
  • Click to check out a socially distanced swim lesson in the smaller teaching pool


  • You are welcome to jump in at any time during the season – register and start swimming on or after the 1st of the next month (please disregard the start date generated by the system)
  • Register for your class day and time and keep that spot through the rest of our School Year Season unless you ask to discontinue
  • To discontinue, please email with 30 days notice
  • Sign up for one or more lessons per week
  • CRA does not offer make up lessons or credits for missed lessons


  • $100/month/enrollment
  • Billing will be monthly on the 1st and you are charged the same rate each month although you might have 3, 4 or 5 lessons in a month
  • We averaged our costs over the entire season for a set monthly rate

Looking for a program that takes your swimmer to the next level and gives  them more time in the water?

Technique & Training Tune Up is for swimmers age 8+ that are proficient in all 4 competitive strokes and answer YES to one or more of these questions-

  • In lessons and wanting more time in the water to practice skills?
  • Looking for an opportunity to swim for fitness?
  • Wanting to increase endurance?
  • Not interested in competition but wanting to be in a swimming program and has done all they want to do with lessons?
  • Hoping to improve skills and try for a team in the future but is not quite ready for a team right now?



for Safety and Health due to COVID-19

Click here to check out a video of the CRA Dragon being safely dropped off at lessons.

  • BSI Wellesley, 900 Worcester Street, Wellesley, MA
  • Please park and have ONE adult walk your swimmer(s) into the BSI building main entrance. Please DO NOT bring siblings to drop off. Please see images below for details.
  • Follow the clearly marked path down the main hall to the end and take a left. Follow this hallway to the glass doors leading to the pools. Please see below for details.
  • All persons MUST wear a face covering to enter the BSI. 
  • We will ask a few health questions and take your swimmer’s temperature.
  • Please deliver campers dressed in clothes over their bathing suits and have them bring:
    goggles (IMPORTANT! We will not be able to provide goggles), towel, plastic water bottle – FULL (IMPORTANT! All water fountains are shut off in the building).
  • Swimmers must arrive and depart in their bathing suit. The changing rooms will be closed. Only toilets and sinks will be accessible.
  • Parents/caregivers must exit the BSI after drop off. Spectator seating and our wet corridor viewing area are closed.
  • Face coverings (provided by you) must be worn at all times outside of the water while inside the building.
  • Grouping swimmers within the same household will be a priority.
  • All swimming will occur in our smaller teaching pool measuring 23½ x 44 feet with a depth of 4 feet.
  • All lessons/levels will be taught by an instructor from the pool deck. There will be NO instruction from the water. This step is a necessary health precaution for the safety of both staff and swimmers. However, water safety is a top priority so if any swimmer is struggling, our instructors and lifeguards would respond immediately as they would in any other water distress situation. 
  • For our youngest swimmers in Level 1, there will be platforms set up in the pool and lessons will take place on the outside lanes. Each swimmer will have their own barbell/noodle boat for the lesson which will be sanitized at the end of each lesson.
  • Click here for more information on Swimming Safely with CRA.
  • Please pick up your swimmer at Door #4 on the street-side of the building facing Route 9. Please see image below for details.
  • Please remain in or near your car at pick up to maintain social distance.

We have always prided ourselves on delivering the highest quality lessons and we will continue to do so while complying with the new safety protocols. 

email to add to the waiting list.

Join CRA for our two week summer lesson sessions, Monday – Thursday for 8 lessons over the two week span at the Boston Sports Institute, 900 Worcester Street, Wellesley.

Ages 4 and up
5 Swimmers/class
Half hour lessons
Level 1/2
Level 3/4/5

Sign up for one or more sessions:

Session 1: July 13 – 23 FULL

Session 2: July 27 – August 6 FULL

Session 3: August 10 – 20 FULL

Session 4: August 24 – September 3 FULL

Classes will be offered at:





Cost: $200