Special Private Lessons


For Level 1 – Adult Levels

Days and Times Vary


For Level 1, 2, & 3 ONLY

Days and Times Vary

Half Hour | Private Lessons $50 | Semi-Private Lessons $70 | @B&G

Private Lessons (1 swimmer with 1 instructor) or Semi-private Lessons (2 swimmers of same level or one level difference with one instructor).When registering for a Semi-Private Lesson, you only need to register once and enter YES when asked if this is a Semi-Private lesson. Please add your second swimmer’s name in the additional info space.

Private lessons are offered for ages 4 through adult. Children in Levels: 1-3 can only take a 1/2 hour private lesson.

A special note to Adults and Teens: Please be aware that all private lessons are taught in widths, not lengths. This allows our instructors to concentrate on technique rather than yardage and endurance. If you prefer to concentrate on improving your endurance, please join our Adult Advanced Class.

CRA does not offer private sessions to swimmers on any USS Team other than the CRA Dragon team.

If you have any questions about the Private Series that are not answered on this page, e-mail our Boys & Girls Club Private Series Coordinator.