Welcome to CRA Water Fitness at the Boston Sports Institute!

Boston Sports Institute | 900 Worcester St, Wellesley

Water offers a unique and healthy environment for therapy and for exercise. A well-designed water fitness program is both an ideal platform for therapeutic relief of chronic pain and/or injury, and a great workout for total body conditioning and fat-burning that only water can provide. Water fitness is one of the safest and most effective exercise options available!  


CRA is offering a wide-range of programming from shallow water to deep, low intensity to high.  Experienced instructors tailor classes to suit the fitness levels and goals of participants, and allow for cross-training, making water fitness an exercise regimen that is varied and fun–a long term part of a healthy lifestyle.  Come enjoy Water fitness with CRA!



Good for all populations including pregnant women. 

Pi Yo Chi: The strength of Pilates, the balance of Yoga and the energy revitalization of Ai Chi. Regular practice leads to improved core strength, range of motion, alignment, and balance. It enhances your breathing and personal calm.

Gentle Joints: Balance and stretching routines are taught using noodles that enhance movement but are gentle on joints and the body.  

Walking Plus: Basic water walking is enhanced with a plus of balance, strength and flexibility moves to increase stamina and overall range of motion.

Aquasize for Arthritis Relief: This water exercise program certified by the Arthritis Foundation* is conducted in the small teaching pool with 86° water temperature to help reduce arthritis pain and stiffness while keeping joints flexible and muscles strong. 

Aqua Yoga: Yogis rejoice! Bring your love of yoga to the water and try something new.


Good for more-fit individuals and cross-training. 

Deep Challenge: This class is conducted in the deep end of the main pool wearing floatation belts – appealing to individuals who like a more challenging workout and/or who require an impact-free exercise option. Unrestricted, full range of motion movements paired with more intense routines constantly challenge your core musculature and cardiovascular system. A great tummy blaster! 

Hi-Lo Shallow: Taught in the shallow-end of the main pool, this class is designed for varying fitness levels and abilities. Choreographed routines will focus on a total body workout with adaptations given for lower and higher intensities to suit your needs. This class will leave you energized and physically fit without the excessive impact on joints. 


Good for very fit individuals and cross-training.

Aqua HIIT: A super-charged class that combines the best of shallow water high intensity interval training (HIIT) with the strength and core conditioning of deep-water exercise. Come experience the full range of pool depths to heighten your cardio endurance and muscle conditioning!


Join CRA for a Water Fitness Trial Period November 20–December 20, 2019.  Try a few classes, at a reduced rate, then give us feedback on your experience and be entered into a drawing to win 10 free classes!  Our full schedule of Water Fitness begins in January 2020. 




Trial Period Rates (November 20-December 20, 2019): $12/class drop-in, or 5 classes for $50 (expire January 31, 2020)

Senior Trial Period Rates (November 20-December 20, 2019):  $10/class drop-in, or 5 classes for $40 (expire January 31, 2020) 


Water Fitness Rates (beginning January 2020): $18/class drop-in, or 10 classes for $150

Senior Water Fitness Rates (beginning January 2020):  $15/class drop-in, or 10 classes for $120


*Check in for classes at the Registration Desk at the BSI, complete a release form and pay your fees with credit, check or cash.  Online registration is not available.  


Below is the basic weekly class schedule for the Trial Period.  Please check the live calendar (link) for weekly updates to this schedule.  


Questions?  Contact Colleen Keelan, Director of Water Fitness, Charles River Aquatics, colleen@charlesriveraquatics.com