Aquatic Fitness

Aquatic Fitness

Water offers a unique and healthy environment for exercise.  An aquatic fitness program is both an ideal platform for therapeutic relief of chronic pain and/or injury and a great workout for total body conditioning and fat-burning.    


Aquatic Fitness Class--COMPETITION POOL*

This class, set to music, is high energy and guaranteed to strengthen and tone your body.  The natural resistance water provides increases muscle strength and overall flexibility and improves cardiovascular fitness.  

*Participants must feel comfortable standing in chest deep water and be able to maintain physical activity throughout the duration of all classes taught in the Competition Pool. 


PiYoChi is a combination of slow movements from AiChi, Pilates, and yoga with concentration on breathing which is calming and helps to reduce stress.  PiYoChi will improve balance, muscle tone and full range of motion.  Great for all levels of fitness! 

This class is taught in the Teaching Pool which is kept at ~86-90 degrees and has a uniform depth of 4 feet.


Meet Geralyn, Aquatic Fitness Instructor-- 

Geralyn has always loved the water.  For nearly 30 years she has been teaching fitness classes both on land and in the water, along with teaching swimming lessons, coaching and lifeguarding.  
Geralyn's certifications include: Aquatic Exercise (AEA) fitness Instructor, AiChi, PyYOChi, Arthritis Instructor, Red Cross Lifeguard/ AED trainer, Lifeguard, WSI and she is a member of the Aqua Therapy and Rehab Institute.
Geralyn is married with 3 children. She enjoys singing with the Colonial Singers of Lexington and as a cantor, and spending time on the Cape and swimming in the ocean.


Competition Pool and Teaching Pool

Boston Sports Institute

900 Worcester Street, Wellesley, MA



TUE September 12, 2023 – THU May 30, 2024

*No Classes Nov 21, 23; Dec 26, 28; Feb 20, 22; Apr 16, 18

School Year Season Aquatic Fitness--COMPETITION POOL

TUE, 10:00-11:00am

THU, 10:00-11:00am

School Year Season PiYoChi--TEACHING POOL

TUE, 11:00am-12:00pm



*Participants MUST pre-register online for all classes.  Drop-In is NOT permitted