Charles River Aquatics 2023 Marathon Monday Charity Challenge

Charity Challenge Monday April 17, 2023

Join CRA for a day of challenges and fun to raise money for the Massachusetts General Hospital Pediatric Cancer Center.

Adult & Youth Marathon Monday Charity Events

Adults (ages 18+)

Marathon Monday 100 x 100s Challenge



Calling all Swimmers (ages 18+)—Masters, Triathletes and Recreational—take the 100 x 100s Challenge! 

*All participants must be able to swim a 2:10 base interval or faster to finish 100 x 100s within the allotted heat time. 

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Youth (ages 5-14)

Marathon Monday FunDay



  • Teaching Pool Marathon Monday FunDay—Challenges include Obstacle Course, Relay Race and Raft Battle


  • Competition Pool Marathon Monday FunDay—Challenges include Log Roll, Raft Battle, Obstacle Course and the Famous CRA Everything-But-Swimming Relay



Marathon Monday FunDay Details


To ensure safety, all participants in the Marathon Monday FunDay Teaching Pool Challenges will be partnered with instructors as they progress through the activities. At the end of the event, participants will have free swim time during which they may opt to swim in the Competition Pool and use the diving boards with the assistance of lifeguards and instructors.  

Activities include:

Obstacle Course-Participants will compete head-to-head as they navigate obstacles in pursuit of the water slide at the end.  Instructors will be friends and foe in this challenge!

Relay Race-Participants will work with volunteers to create the fastest relay team.  This is a knockout-style competition--Which team will survive the longest and come out on top?

Raft Battle-Grouped into small "kingdoms", participants will have 5 minutes to construct secure rafts on which to float and protect the "Ruler of the Kingdom". How long can the Ruler stay on the raft under attack by citizens from other kingdoms?


In the Competition Pool, participants will be grouped by age for individual challenges.  Groupings for team events will be randomized.  The event will end with free swim time during which participants may enjoy the diving boards and starting blocks, if they wish.

Activities Include:

Log Roll-Participants will attempt to balance on our GIANT floating log in the water.  The log is unforgiving!  Only the most focused and quickest feet can ace this fearsome test.  How long can YOU roll?

Raft Battle-Participants will divide into small groups and construct fortresses on rafts.  Teams are challenged to travel the greatest distance without being knocked down by an opposing team.  Limited resources are available to destroy enemy bases.  Teams will have two opportunities to create the most formidable fortress.  The team surviving the longest will be victorious!

Obstacle Course-In this grueling challenge, swimming skills will only carry participants so far!  Reaction time and quick thinking are the name of the game as participants compete to see who can complete the obstacle course in record time!

Everything-but-Swimming Relay-The last challenge of the event--the famous CRA Everything-but-Swimming Relay will put participants' strategic skills to the test!  Teams will compete head-to-head to see which can create the fastest relay.  Expect the unexpected and get ready for a wild event!


$75/participant-- adult or youth event

Proceeds to benefit Massachusetts General Hospital Pediatric Cancer Center

Not able to join us for CRA Marathon Monday events but want to donate to the MGH Pediatric Cancer Center?  Click HERE!  Thank you!

Meet Our Friend CJay, Inspiration for the 2023 CRA Marathon Monday Charity Challenge

In early 2013, at the age of 19, CJay was diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was treated at the Massachusetts General Hospital Pediatric Cancer Center.  He underwent months of chemotherapy and radiation and by the summer of 2013, went into remission.

While in treatment, CJay was part of the MGH Boston Marathon Patient Partner Program in which an athlete ran for him.  This runner has been an inspiration to CJay and in 2023, to celebrate 10 years remission; CJay is running the Boston Marathon to raise money for the cancer center to which he is so grateful.   CJay hopes his story will be an inspiration to others to stay positive and see that anything is possible!

See CJay’s story here:

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